Tuesday, 4 March 2008


This my second time second time of writing this post because Blogger seems to be playing up for me, so this time I have my fingers crossed.
Right, I've just given myself a big slap on my wrist (honest) not because I'm strange but because my Inchie album was featured on a new blog called 'Inspirational' and I blummin forgot to mention it.
Inspirational is a new blog run by a mystery person, he/she shows something each day which they found inspirational, and being anon they don't get any praise, how annoying!
So I'm here now to say a big THANK YOU! and please visit the 'Inspirational' blog.


Sarah C said...

What a fabulous idea Lou and such a great little book. I've never tried inchies, but keep meaning to. Debbie and Joanie have been trying to persuade me. Might be a good chance to start using up the many scraps I have. Another one to add to my list of 'to-try's'

bubblegum said...

Hi Lou, congratulations on another well deserved recognition. :) It really was inspirational - like I commented when you first posted it up :) :)

Debbie x