Saturday, 8 March 2008

Are you ready for this?

I have the best, most exciting news for you all today!!!

I had a fabulous response to my hand drawn jumping girl the other day, so many of you suggested that I should market my designs, well, guess what??????......

I got an email from my very good friend Karen proud owner of Charmed Cards and Crafts and - to cut a long story short- we're getting together- using Karen's brains, computer savvy and buisness sense together with my designs to create a brand spanking new download section on her site! So all you guys who said you would love to buy my designs as stamps won't need to wait for that, you'll be able to buy them and download them quick as a flash! That's what I love about downloads, it's sooo quick, plus you can alter the size which is something you can't do with stamps. You'll have a little wait 'til it's up and running so you'll have to be patient.

I'll forgive you for not being as excited as me but are you starting to get a bit of a tingle yet?

Maybe this will help, I'll introduce you to a most adorable little lady, well I would if I could but she hasn't got a name yet. lol.
She's quite shy so she's hiding in her flower costume today but she has a huge array of outfits positively bursting out of her wardrobe. So if you come back tomorrow she might be feeling a little more brave.
Please save Karen and I from handbags at dawn- one likes Annie and one likes Doris! Tell me your favourite name - one of ours or a new one, and help us decide......

I'm back with another piccie......
Well, so far the response is in favour of Annie, it's not too late to change your minds lol.


Samm said...

What fantastic news!!!!

I saw her and thought of Fleur, I wonder why!!! hehehehe!


Sarah C said...

Woweeeeeeee, woohooooooo, wayheeeeeeeeey. I am sooooooooo pleased for you. You deserve this and Karen is such a clever darling for realising the potential in your designs. The 2 you've shown us so far are amazing.

As for the name, I like Annie. Sorry for the one of you I might disappoint.

Will definately keep an eye on what you're up to as I love your work xxx

bubblegum said...

Yeaaaaaaa excellent, wonderful, marvelous, fantastic, surperb news Louly. I am soooooooooo excited for you. :) :)

How good of Karen to help you - you'll both make a great team :) :)

I'll look forward to seing your range - yeaa. :) :)

I think you latest shy girl should be called Ellie Mae. :) :)

Debbie x

Shirley said...

Oh wow. huge congrats. Im eager to see a post saying they are up for download now..... Hurry up lol.

out of the 2 names you mentioned id have to say Annie.

Juliet said...

That's brilliant news Lou - I already used the jumping girl (she needs a name too!) and the cards are on my blog - you just missed them when you visited earlier.
I am so excited for you and can't wait for more images. xx

ENJAY said...

Welldone!! Thats fantastic!!! You are just soo talented, you just have a style all of your own.
I like Annie, Hopes thats what you wanted.
Got on here in the end!!!

Anna said...

Fantastic news Lou. I am over the moon for you. I hope you give those Magnolia stamps a run for their money!

ENJAY said...

Whoops I inadvertently announced your success on Craft Beautiful site I hope I dont get moderated, I'll slap them if I do,lol!!

Marlou said...

ohhhhhhhh Louly I am so so delighted for you!!! I think you should call your little lady Lou or Lady-Lou, huge crafty hugzz xx

Max said...

Fantastic News Louly ... your designs are fabulous. Congratulations!

She doesn't look like a Doris or even an Annie to me ... I like Samm's suggestion of Fleur or Little Louly might be worth considering?


Glitterpuss said...

Well Done Louly

That is brilliant news - Your designs are sooo cuuuute!!
You must be feeling great

I think she looks like a "Millie"

Glitterpuss said...

Well done Louly

That is great news - you must feel great.
Your designs are sooo cuute!!

I think she looks like a "Millie"

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Wooohoooooo! Amazing Fan-dabba-dozy news for you sweetheart, and very much deserved :o)

Much love and hugs

Jules x

Jane said...

Ohhhh Louise well done and huge huge congratulations to both of you in your new (and I'm sure)very lucrative venture.

I love the name Topsy

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news Lou both for you and Karen, I think you'll make an amazing partnership with your respective talents.

As for a name, I think Millie suits
that sweet little character.

twiggypeasticks said...

That's brilliant news, well done, I love your little lady i'd call her Petal - I used to have a guinea pig called Petal - awww
Twiggy x

tee said...

THis is Wonderful news Lou! A huge CONGRATULATIONS to you, I agree with most and think you and Karen will make a great team. I love seeing your work, you are a very talented Lady! Well done and Congrats again. Oh..and between Annie and Doris..I must say Annie...or how about Dottie??

Joani said...

This is brilliant news Lou congrats, welldone, marvelous and well deserved.
I sway towards Annie as her name xx