Thursday, 9 April 2009

Stamps Stamps Stamps & Candy!

Good morning folks,

You know I've been so busy I've left you all in the dark! Many of you will already know my news but if you visit my blog but not Dottie's World you might not know! Shock horror! We can't be having that now can we? I need to shout my news from the rooftops!

As you know I've been selling my designs as downloads with the help of Karen of Charmed Cards and Crafts for over a year now (yes it is that long!!) and over that time we've always had people asking us to make stamps as well as the downloads, some people are addicted to rubber (and acrylic!LOL) so we need to feed their cravings! It would be wrong not too!

Anyhow, it took us a while to get around to it but after careful thought and planning we decided to come up with a brand new range - different to the downloads. It's always hare thinking up a new character, there are so many other stamps that it's hard to come up with something completely original but I think you'll agree that our little Annie has a look all of her own.

Now I bet you're expecting me to show her to you now, well I cant but don't despair! You are only a mouse click away from reading more news and seeing some previews of her in our new blog created to showcase the new, SOON TO BE RELEASED Delectable Stamps!

Just to get you in the mood here's a sneaky peek
Now, if that's not enough to tempt you over to the new blog take a look at this candy that Karen is kindly giving away to celebrate the launch of the stamps....

Now your ears are pricking up aren't they! he he!

Go on, off you go - you know you want to! Charmed Delectable Stamps


Gez said...

Lovely sneak peak Louly. Annie looks so adorable. Looks like you have been SUPER busy. Wishing you a Happy Easter & a lovely weekend. Good luck with your new stamps. Gez. xx

Stressed Stamper said...

Just don't know where you find the are sooooo talented, and I am waiting to see them to purchase I am sure


Lea said...

Hi Lou,

Just letting you know that I'm back in blogger land with this new blog

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Oooooo - I've been watching the Delectable blog with growing excitement!

Lou, you're amazing, and we want them NOW, but please enjoy some family time and rest too!

Love and hugs - Ruth x

POPPET said...

I would like another sneak peek :) :)

Have a great weekend hugs Pops x x x

TaraG said...

Hi my name is Tara and I am addicted to rubber...acrylic will ease my withdrawal pains nicely too though,lol!!! Thank you for for doing your part, Lou, to feed this addiction,lol!!!OMG...I took a trip over to the Delectable stamps blog this morning and had a good ogling of your new gorge stamp collection!! They sure are delectable...I just adore Annie! You have a winner on your hands, hun! is sooo exciting!

Cazzy said...

You are so clever Louise, I think little Annie looks really lovely.

Cazzy x