Thursday, 14 February 2008


Look what my beautiful blogging buddy (crikey that's a mouthful!) Marlou has given me! How cool is that!

So now I need to pick some people to pass it on to. Not an easy task as there are so many fantastic blogs to choose from. So, in alphabetical order, here they are;
Juliet - because her blog always cheers me up (it's so darn colouful!)
Karen - because it's about time she updated her blimming blog! lol
Kim (paperbabe) - Her blog speaks for itself, take a look.
Nicola - Such a talented lady and a great pal too.
Well I'm going to stop there, if you're taking part tag as many or as few as you like, just enjoy the giving.


PaperBabe - Kim said...

Thank you for your lovely comments and for tagging me!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Juliet said...

Thanks Lou! Will upload and tag later if that's ok.

Rosie said...

Flippin' Eck Louly! Is there no end to your talents? Just got my Crafts Beautiful, and there you are silk painting. Congratulations duck, I think thats what all crafters dream of, a double page in CB.

Karen said...

Gee thanks Lou, it's quite a tag that one - although the reason for choosing me aint so grand LOL

Christy Lee said...

I love your blog and your cards...if you look at my blog, you can see my sad attempt at my first card....but I'm learning!!
Stop by anytime!

Anonymous said...

Well Deserved Louly...:)x