Sunday, 24 February 2008


First, let me say, I'm writing whilst watching 'Most Haunted' so please forgive any typos!

Right, I left you all in suspense yesterday and I had a real giggle at your comments, I bet you're waiting in antisipation of some really hot gossip! lol.

Well, to anybody who likes to buy kits it is very exciting because there is a shiny new kit coming to your screens from Crafty Templates! Yes, not only do they offer a fabulous downoadable template subscription but they are branching out to kits. I've had one to play with this month and let me tell you....It's LUSH!!!

Here's a piccy

For full contents, price and details click here Crafty Templates

I don't think I can show you full pics of what I've made yet because they are mad with the March templates but for now I can give you some sneaky peeks.

Just, realise that they're not as sneaky as I thought so I've only shown you two, otherwise Loe will be slapping my wrist.So, if you're in need of a treat you know the place to go! go on, you know you deserve it.


Karen said...

Hey I sell those papers LOL

bubblegum said...

Sneaky peeks are looking fab Luly, can't wait to see the full cards. ;) :)

The kit looks fabby and fun too. :) :)

Debbie x

Marlou said...

these kits look fab Louly and those sneak peeks are lookin good :) x

Mellie said...

These look really good from the sneaky peeks.

Shirley said...

Oh you tese.... I WANT to see the whole pictures lol.
From what I can see they are lovely, and the kit looks nice also.

ENJAY said...

Hi, I've just got my set, will be looking forward to seeing the complete plics of your creations, they look as usualy

ENJAY said...

Ok complete pics not plics.!!