Friday, 13 February 2009

The Conclusion!

So Here we are at the end of the week and it's time to reflect! Was it a good plan? Did it work? Will I do it again? YES YES YES!!!!

If you've just tuned in for the first time this week let me clarify; After a bout of having no mojo I did a bit of self analysis and decided that my mojo goes when I have no ideas or if I'm lacking inspiration so I decided to have a week of taking the brain work out of it. My plan was to use the same set of papers, the same set of images, the same techniques (mat layering and paper piecing) and to just change the layout. So I suppose you could say my theme was the same but different.

Well I made 5 cards in the end and when they're grouped together I think you can kind of see the idea.... I'm now planning my next theme week, I'm thinking of doing the same layout everyday but with different papers - or maybe that will be boring, hmmmm I'll have to have a think.


Paula's ponderings said...

well that plan definately worked! They look fabulous and what a great idea...will definately try that one. Look forward to next weeks plan in action!

tracy said...

Arrrhhh these are great louly a great little collection now. I know what you mean and you have proved a point I used to stick to several kinds of layouts and I find going back whenever I am stuck helps.
Tracy x

bubblegum said...

Hi Lou - just dropping by to say Hi.....and been reading about your lack of mojo...can't beleive that you would never have inspiration....:) Your group of cards are all beautiful and a great design too. :0 So well done your theory worked. :)

Hope you are well and keep up your fantastic work. :)


Karen said...

Nothing you do will ever be boring xxx

Sammi said...

Louise you are one very talented lady my friend! These cards are really gorgeous... have been following each day in google reader and I must say they are really something!
Can't wait to see the next bunch!

Sammi said...

Love the new header too!!xxx

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Really enjoyed watching you create this collection, Lou! So pleased you enjoyed it too!

I just keep coming back here for inspiration - thank you! x