Friday, 7 September 2007

So, so tired.

Isn't it strange how I feel bad when I haven't had chance to show anything on my blog? It's silly really, I suppose it's because I worry that my visitors will stop isiting me!
I started work again on Wednesday after having six whole weeks of relaxation, I feel like i've had the stuffing knocked out of me! I've tried crafting but end up giving up half way through. Not to worry though, it's Saturday tomorrow and I promise there'll be something new to look at. While i'm waffling can I just say a big thank you to all you peeps who visit my blog it gives me such a confidence boost and also thank you to those who have sign my fab new guestbook (it's been moved to the bottom.


Karen said...

I wont stop "isiting" you, I promise ;o)
You're allowed the odd day off Lou, just make sure you put on a little something for the weekend that we can enjoy!! ;oÞ

Juliet said...

I won't stop 'isiting' you either Lou. I know exactly how you feel - I'm done in chuck!

Emilia said...

you are such a darling! we are addicted to your blog already

Paula said...

The six weeks break are killers for school staff. You should try & get plenty of rest!
I know how you feel about blog visitors though, my blog went through a stage when no one visited for days, i wondered what i was doing wrong as i usually have something to show every day!!