Sunday, 30 September 2007

CMU - Challenge - Shoes

Well I can't believe it's that time again! Jules set the last challenge (Doors and Windows) for which there were some amazing entries, in the end we chose Juliet as the winner (well done Juliet!) so she'll be setting the next challenge (if she wants to).

Back to this challenge which has been set by Debbie............SHOES! Fab ay?
As i'm on the CMU DT I always make an example card so heres mine.

Actually, it's more of a boot than a shoe, but I think that'll be OK! It's not the look I was going for, the intention was to make a Crirstmassy shoe that Mrs Claus might wear, it's ended up looking more 'Sex Kitten'! Ho hum, never mind it'll do.

I used my boot template frome Crafty Templates for this card, the Paper is...guess what.....Basic Grey! And to give it a Christmassy look I used some white Marabu along the top, I got completely covered in feathers, the lengths we go to for our art ay?

If you fancy a go at this challenge pop along to Card Makers United to join in with the fun.


Karen said...

Who is to say that Mrs Claus isn't a sex kitten? She has certainly kept Mr Claus happy for many many years, he always has a big grin on his face :o)
Great card Lou.

Marlou said...

ooooh love it Louly!! excellent work , as always :) xx

bubblegum said...

I agree with Karen Louly lol. Great card as always - love your designs.

Debbie x

Juliet said...

I think Mrs Claus would love these boots Louly! So professional and I love the eyelets and laces.

Samm said...

This is so clever, love it!


EllePiggo said...

Those boots are just FAB, excellent.:)

Rosie said...

Fabby card Louly - sexy too!! Hehehe!!

crissi said...

very sassy great card

Mellie said...

Fab card. Love that bit of fluff too.