Saturday, 15 September 2007

DCM- Big and Litlte

What a week! It's Saturday and here I am with the mid week dare! (slap wrist) better late than never ay? (I seem to be saying that a lot lately lol).
Here's what we had to do.....................Big & Little We'd like you to use items in pairs of Big and Little - so you need to have both sizes on your card ie big & little buttons, big & little die cuts, big & little hearts, big & little circles etc The theme of your card can be whatever you like this time, so that's nice of us, isn't it?
So as you can see, I used a big heart and little hearts for this one, I broke into my CMU design team stash for this one;- Pebbles inc - Baby Blue Stripes and Baby Blue dots from Craft Magic UK for the card shape I used the Romance - Barking dog template also from Craft Magic UK.

I like to keep a lot of my cards blank (without a greeting or sentement) practical as I am, it broadens it's range of uses.


Samm said...

Gorgeous!!! and so true about keeping them blank!


Marlou said...

love your spin on card, lovely x

EllePiggo said...

Definately better late than never. Its beautiful.:)


Paula said...

Very pretty card, gorgeous paper.

Deb said...

Beautiful card, very handy to have some cards sentiment free!

Andrea said...

Love this card, the colours are perfect

bubblegum said...

Great card, lovely, clean and crisp.

Debbie x

Mellie said...

Love the papers and fab card again. Must find another way to say that. LOL