Thursday, 9 August 2007

Thanks Samm

The wonderful and talented Samm has nominated me for the ''Nice Matters Award'. So now I have to pick five other people who haven't been tagged. This may take some time because I seem to have tagged everyone to death just recently so I need to choose carefully and update it when I can.

Juliet (she's a new blogger and oh so talented)
Corie (She is just niceness itself, and of course a fab artist too)
Emilia I've tagged her so many times but if you've seen her work you'll know why.
Kimmie she's such a sweetie
If i've tagged you all you have to do is choose five other bloggers that you love to visit, name them on your blog (linking thier names to there blogs) then let them know you've tagged them. Oh yes, you also need to copy the picture and proudly display it on your blog.

Spread the Niceness!


Emilia said...

Juliet & Corie's blog are great! I made my visit!

Thank you Louly, it's always my pleasure to be tagged by you, you know, by a talented lady who admire a lot.
I gotta figure five more! :)

Juliet said...

Thanks for tagging me Louly. I will have to have a think now, so be patient with me, lol. I feel really honoured :-)