Wednesday, 29 August 2007

DCM- Take a letter Mrs Jones

The little extra challenge from DCM was a little more challenging this week here's what we had to do.....This time the challenge is to pick one letter and see how many things you can use on your card that begin with that letter.
Now then, you can't choose "P" and just have pink paper, pink brads, pink ink, pink ribbon - oh no no no, that's not the way it works!
You could however, use
A pink card blank, paper, petals, plasma, a monogram P, something Purple, a Flower Pot...
Or how about B?
brads, buttons, birthday, banana (well, you never know..) blue, black, brown, blooms, buckles, bows
Or Sspots, stripes, string, sandals, Stickles, sunshine, stars, snowGot the idea? We're hoping this one will be great fun as well as maybe making you think really hard, the Design Team have come up with some cards as a starting point - see if you can work out which letter they've all chosen before you seek enlightenment on their blogs!

I decided on the letter T. I've used: a tree, a topper, a tag, some black tape and some torn, textured paper.


Sarah said...

Fab card yet again! I do love your work!!!

Love the new banner as well.

Juliet said...

Beautiful card Louly - so unusual and I love it. BTW, check out my new blog banner!

stamp and scrape said...

Wow - this is very unusual - great work.

Emilia said...

How clever ! I love the T things you picked!

Rein said...

Fab card, wonderful work!

Kathy said...

Yep, this is FAB, a gorgeous card - I love everything you've done here