Monday, 13 August 2007

Caardvarks- 1 2 3 Challenge

I've been having a look around for new challenges to keep me busy while i'm on my hols and this Caardvark one definately seemed challenging with only 1 embellishment allowed! Keeping it simple, minimizing... For some of us, that's hard to accomplish. We want to cover every inch with embellies and make it busy-beautiful. Well, let's take a stab at using just a few items - we'll limit ourselves and see what develops. Sound fun?
Create a card using 1 embellishment (Nathalia's screaming, "NO!!!!!!" Can you hear her?), 2 patterned papers, and 3 flowers. Show us what you can do! (Oh, and do it by August 16th - post a link to your card(s) in the comments section of this post - we'll add them to the
1-2-3 Gallery.)
The flower slides out of this card to become a bookmark, I know loads of avid readers so my book mark cards are always snapped up.
I used Basic Grey 'infuse papers for this one.


Emilia said...

What a lovely bookmark! I love this super clever idea!

And this is certainly a gorgeous card!!

Sadie B said...


This is brilliant, what a lovely idea.

The card is beautiful

Patsy Jackson said...

Clever card Lou - I'm not surprised that they are snapped up :)

Anna said...

This is fantastic. I love the BG papers and the flower is such a great idea.

Kimberly said...

wow! what a great idea! your card is beautiful! I luv luv BG!
Hey thanks for stopping by my blog, I have enjoyed reading yours and seeing your amazing talent. would luv to link u up to mine :)

Leigh said...

Fabulous! I would love a bookmark and card like that.

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Oh, I love this! I love the bookmark! WOW!

Juliet said...

You are soooooo clever Lou....and lucky to have those papers. I love this card and bookmark.

Melissa Goodsell said...

Oh this is scummy yummy! Beautiful.

I also adore your gorgeous silk work in the post below.

Thankyou also for the lovely comments that you popped on my blog, you're so sweet.

Kaz said...

I love this card and bookmark idea.