Saturday, 20 December 2008

My New Collection

Good Morning,

I'm sure there'll be some of you that visit this blog but not my other so I thought I'd show this card here too. It's using some of the images from my latest collection of downloads; 'Girl About Town' I hope you like it...

The characters, backgrounds and sentiments all come separately coloured and in black and white and are all sold in one big bundle at Charmed Cards and Crafts.

We do plan on getting some of these made into stamps for all those stampaholics out there (you know who you are!) Personally, though I love stamps, I like the versatility of downloads, you get them instantly when you buy them (no waiting for postie) and you can re size them to fit your project. Not only that! You can also print onto different mediums, I'm really into printing onto iron-on cotton at the moment then applying it to aprons. It looks fab!

Have a lovely day

Louly xx


Jac said...

I love what you have done here. I totally agree about the versatility of the downloads vs stamps, I really like stamps too but when it comes to value for money downloads win everytime, mind you I am going to treat myself to a few stamps with money I am getting for christmas! And saying about aprons has reminded me I have a roll of cotton canvas I bought ages ago for £1 must dig that out and print on there! xx

Sammi said...

Lou!!! You are one clever lady!! I LOVE these girls!! Well done you!!
Can;t wait to play with them .. I just need a bit more time now! lol!

This card is Super!! Really gorgeous!
Love the dimension!


Ruth (ooffee) said...

What an absolutely lovely card! Loving the new collection...going to play this afternoon!

Well done - and thanks again!
Ruth xx

Sarah C said...

Lou, these are just WOW WOW WOW

I sneaked a little play in in the early hiours of this morning. Well, what;s a girl to do when she's got new images?! It would've been rude not to don't ya think??? LOL

I too love the fact that I can re-size and print these onto whatever will got through my computer xoxoxox

Sarah C said...

Meant to say that the card you've done here is just brilliant xoxoxox

ENJAY said...

Ooooh STAMPS!!! I am a stamp-A-Holic!!! I love them, these will be fantastic!!
Your downloads are truly amzing Lou, i love this new set,wonderful, just added my first card made with them on my blog!!xx

Lavender Rose said...

Love your stylish card and love the new collection! I am a stampaholic but the downloads are definitely more versatile.

I have just made this
new baby card
with Adele and her pram and was able to print out a very small image to fit the card size I wanted to use. The cutting out was a bit tricky but I got there in the end! Can't wait to use the rest of the collection.

Anonymous said...

Amazing collection Lou! I adore stamps but have found that the downloads have been so versatile in that there is so much choice with sizing and adapting to particular projects.

Merry Christmas! xxx

Donna said...

Hi Louise, your new collection looks absolutely amazing, you are so talented and I will definitely be stopping by over the Christmas holidays to purchase them. Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the best for the New Year :) Donna x

Mellie said...

Great collection and card. XX