Wednesday, 17 October 2007

You Make Me Smile!

Lucky me! I've been nominated three times for the You Make Me Smile award by Marlou, Jeannette and Bubblegum, thanks girls you all make me smile too.

So this means I have to list 10 people who make me smile and inspire me.
So here they are in no particular order........(6 fo now because it's my bed time!)
Just copy the award and post it on your blog along with links to your ten people that make you smile.


Juliet said...

Thanks Lou - Deb gave me this too and I was going to nominate you!!! lol

Scrappy Moments said...

Congratulations, You deserve it :)

Your Blog always makes Me Smile :)


bubblegum said...

Just love this wondeful curvy christmas card Louly. Love your trees. :)

Debbie x

Sadie B said...

Thank you Louly, you make me smile too.
Love your wavy Christmas card & the eyelet circular card is awesome.

Mellie said...

I've only just got round to finding people I can tag for this Lou. And I can only find 2 lol. Oh well it's better than none.

Mellie said...

BTW Lou, you always make me smile as a friend and your blog lifts me in so many ways.