Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Tagged Again!

First of all I just want to thank you all for your get well wishes, you really have made me feel so much better, i'm so lucky to have so many cyber buddies hugs to you all.

Right, down to buisness.....I've been tagged twice (gee i'm so lucky) so a big thank you to the lovely Ying Pang aka Vintage Mom and Deb aka Bubblegum, both first class bloggers.

Here are the rules :1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs.

So, here are my seven facts (sure to send you to sleep)

1, Hearing people eating really makes me cringe (especially apples, urghh!)
2, I recently had one of my paintings in a touring exhibition (yeah!!)
3, I love funny people
4, I have a gorgeous Hawk head parrot called Lizzy, she's hilarious!
5, I have always dreamed of making a living through my art work in some way.
6, I'm 5 foot 8"
7, I lurve Danish pastries (so do my hips!)

Here a my seven lucky people (lol) in no particular order

Emilia - Her work is inspirational, take a look.
Samm - She's soooo talented
Leann - She's a new blogger but wait till you see her cards
Rosie - What she can't alter isn't worth altering
Monica - Her work speaks for itself, she's just so talented
Jackie - Another inspirational blog, and what a busy lady.
Angelnorth - Wait till you see her stamping!


Emilia said...

Thank you for tagging me!!

I love your new music! :)

Rosie said...

You're the 2nd person to tag me Lou!! Oh well, I suppose I shall just have top play along...

Thanks for the accolade - you really know how to flatter a girl!!

Angelnorth said...

Thanks Lou - you're too kind (and I'm quite new to stamping so the complement is certainly appreciated!).

I'm going to duck the tag I'm afraid - I played this one a while back and I'm not interesting enough to come up with another seven things that are worth reading.

bubblegum said...

Would love to see a pic of Lizzy. Congratulations on your painting. Who's a talented young lady then??

Debbie x

malieta said...

Louly...I am laughing my head off right now!

I hate "smacking" sounds when people eat too!

I'm 5'8"

I love sweets also!

Have a good day")