Sunday, 18 July 2010

DW Challenge - Summer Feeling

Good Morning everybody! Here we are it's Sunday again, time is going so fast for me, soon i will finish work for the summer yip yippidy doo!
It is my turn to set the challenge for this week at Dottie's World, here is what I said;

I would like you to use a CHARMED DOWNLOAD to make a summery card - or something else if you prefer! OK so that doesn't sound very challenging.......I would like you to make your summer item DIFFERENT to what you would normally make. Maybe you always make tent fold cards so try a side fold card or something completely different! Maybe you always make big cards so make a teenie weenie one, do you get my drift?
Most importantly, have fun!

Louise xx
Ok, so this is my challenge yes? So I shouldn't have any trouble remembering the main theme right? haha yeah right!
I got a bit carried away with the idea that I had to make something a bit different to my usual 'thing' and I completely forgot I was meant to make it summery! Arrrgh! Anyhow it's too late now so I've added one of my oldies for the summery twist (and its fits the 'different' criteria too)

My children live half of the time with their dad and half of the time with me so they take it in turns using my spare room, not ideal I know but hey that's life. I made this door hanger for their room which is reversible so i just have to switch it depending on the day. I've used the prince and the princess images and sentiments from the new Charmed digi collection 'Once Upon a Time'

Here we have one of my oldies I thought it might help to inspire people to try something different and have some fun. This is also a Charmed digi image (drawn by yours truly)
If you fancy playing along with this challenge pop over to Dotties World - Oh and there is a prize up for grabs!


Karen@CCC said...

ROFLPM, what are you like!! I thought I was bad but it's your challenge! Ha ha. Great idea with the door hanger, they are just lovely. Your "old project" is gorgeous, I love that.

許瑋菁 said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

Gepke, said...

I love the mill you have made; I am from Holland :). Maybe you will tell me how to do that? Kind regards, Gepke

Linda64 said...

Great door hangers..And your 'old' project is stunning!
Love your images !!

Susan said...

Just blogging around this morning and found your blog. Oh how I love the Elivis Presley one. You have some great talent there. Sorry to hear about your thumb. Seems like I go through periods anymore where I just am constantly hurting myself. Stubbing my toe, the screen door smacking me in the backside, tripping, you name it. I don't know that that is all about, but I sure don't like it. Anyway, thank you for letting me visit and sharing those creat cards. I hope your thumb is better soon.

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