Thursday, 6 August 2009

Turkey Beautiful Turkey

Hi folks,
Well I'm back and it seems oh so dull here in Hull. My two weeks in Turkey were just amazing, I feel like I've come back a different person. I really hope we can go back next year.

I'm really not in crafting mode at the moment, my head and my heart are still in Turkey but I have some photos to share with you.

Here we are at the Dalyan mud baths on our last day, my skin felt super soft afterwards.

Our hotel was just perfect and If I return I will be staying there that's for sure. I won a free family photo in a raffle there but the photographer ended up taking loads -which we bought, they're not daft! LOL

Here I am with my son Mikey, great photo eh!
I love these under water shots

This is a bit of an arty shot isn't it? LOL. I didn't know it was being taken but I do like it, it captures the moment perfectly.

I have lots more but I won't bore you with them all at once.

I'm going to be shown around the local gym this afternoon, now that I've reached my target weight I need to get fit and toned up - wish me luck!


JanJ said...

Gorgeous photos Louly, looks like you had a fantastic time!

Jan xx

Di said...

fabulous photos Turkey looka amazing!! great memories

Hugs DI

Sarah C said...

WOW Lou, I'm not sure which looks the most amazing, Turkey or the new you! Looks like you all had the most awesome holiday. Gorgeous photos :D xoxo

Sammi said...

Loving your photos!!
Glad to hear you had a great time! :)

ENJAY said...

Wow Lou!! You look like a different person too, are you sure its you!1 You look amazing!! Even your profile pic, I'd never had recognised you!!
I've never had a want to go abroad,but your pics are amazing! It looks like you had soo much fun!!Make me want to go!!
Love Nicola.xx

Stressed Stamper said...

fab photo's love the one with you on the boat...wish that was me right now....naaah still here despite wishing!

Ruth (ooffee) said...

Really love the underwater photos! So pleased you've had such a good holiday - you deserved it so much and look so relaxed in the photos. Isn't it difficult to come back to reality ... I loved Turkey too! xx

kim x said...

Great to have you back Lou! Your holiday pics look fab. Lol, I must admit to doing a double take at your profile pic (to the point of looking at your pic on Dottie's world ) Well done you!!! You Look amazing!
Take care
Kim x

Jac said...

Wow, looking great Lou, lovin' the holiday pics glad you had such a great time. xx

June said...

Im soooooooo pleases your back, and dont you look stunning, I once had a figure like that, the pics are beautiful. Never been to turkey. Pleased you had a wonderful time darlin and have great memories huggies and love from me xxxx

having a {me} day said...

Lou, you look amazing. Can't even believe you would need a gym. You are FAB girl! So pleased to hear you had such a fab holiday. Can't wait for your creative streak to come back. Love kat ;-) xx