Friday, 10 July 2009

I'm Such a Proud Mum!

Hi folks, I don't have anything crafty to show you today but I would like to show you a recording of my daughter Holly singing in her school concert last night. Her dream is to one day be in a west end musical and her whole life seems to revolve around achieving it! The song she is singing here is The Wizard and I from Wicked. It's not he easiest song to sing and the other solo was probably the best of the two (she sang Hallelujah) but with this one I was really impressed with how she acted the part.
Before you watch it, let me explain that the person who starts the song off is her friend Steph. My Holly is the one in the skirt who sings the main part of the song.


Lea said...

Wow Lou! What an incredible performance, Holly was so into the song and the part you could see it in her face. It certainly was a very difficult song to sing and she did it brilliantly! She has a lovely powerful voice and I really hope she achieves her dream.


POPPET said...

Hey Louise, i had goose bumps just listening to her, what a voice she has, well done Holly, hugs Pops x

Penni said...

Wow - she's brilliant. She has so much confidence to stand on a stage and sing so beautifully, and with great expression & feeling too. I also watched her sing Halleujah and she was amazing.

Well done Holly.


Sarah C said...

Oh my goodness, she has such a beautiful and powerful voice. I'm bagging a front row ticket when she does her debut in London.

No wonder you're both proud of her xoxo

Jac said...

WOW! Well done Holly that was amazing, a fantastic voice, really hope you achieve your dream.

No wonder you are so proud Lou, absolutely brilliant. xx

Claire Mackaness said...

FABBY HOLLY!!! I love Wicked and I've seen some dodgy renditions in the past on UTube! You were cracking. Good luck following your dream xx

June said...

Wow Lou how proud you must be of her, I know I am when i see my son in his band, good luck to Holly she deserves the break, she has a wonderful voice. Huggies June xxx

Scrappymax said...

Lou, she was fab, it was lovely to hear her sing and I know how you and your family must have felt hearing her. Well done and I am sure she will achive whatever she sets out to. She sang Hallejah just fab too.