Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Pixie Chicks

Well I've finally finished the Pixie Chicks! Woo Hoo! This time I've worked with Karen to produce the sets. Karen has made some fantastic backgrounds and LOADS of sentiments to go into the bundles. If you haven't seen them yet you should pop over for a look.

Today I've put a tutorial on Dottie's World to show you how to use the card kits which are another extra in the kits. Here's what the cards look like....

Everything used to make the cards above, including the template for the card base is in Pixie Chicks set 2.

The elements in the card below are in Set 1 along with much much more!

The great thing about the kits is that if you're in a rush you can just print them out ready coloured, cut them out and stick them together but if you're feeling creative you can print them out in black and white and choose your own colour scheme, adding glitter and other embellishments.

The Pixie Chicks downloads are available to purchase at Charmed Cards & Crafts.

I'm so proud of these little ladies, they are well and truly from the heart.


♥ Lydia ♥ said...

And you should be proud too!! They are fabulous!! I've got mine...and now just need to find some time to play!! ^.^

Marcea said...

Oh wow, these are gorgeous!!! Congratulations on completing such fabulous designs :o)

Scrappymax said...

Lou, these are absolutely fabulous. It is payday soon then I will be able to get them. Can you tell me if the card bases are on both sets though.

Di said...

these images are just beautiful i will be looking in to buying some and the kits look fab too! i,m not a lover of kits but these look great.

Hugs Di xxx