Thursday, 12 March 2009

More Blog Candy!

Cor there is a lot of candy on offer right now, the world seems to be full of generous people. It's a good job it isn't edible candy though, I've just had two fillings and a wisdom tooth removed so as I type I have a numb mouth and the thought of food is a no no!

Luckily it's candy of the crafting kind, take a look

This beautiful stash is being kindly given by Barb at Made For Keeps. Pop over for a look.


Kim x said...

OucH!!! Hope you get over this quick and painlessly Lou.

Kim x

Sarah C said...

Bless you Lou. I hope the dentist was kind to you while you were there.

Love the candy. Would be perfect for crafting for mum as she loves poppies

Karen said...

Oh Lou, how awful!! Hope your mouth is feeling much better now xxx