Tuesday, 11 November 2008

DCM- Bling!

Ok I,m in a mega rush this morning, I hav to outt ofthhedooin15 minutes and I arn't evenddssed yet! That is I don't have my wrk clothes on, I'm not naked PMSL......Moving swiftly on, I'm going to show you my challenge card and disappear. The challnge is to use bling, Karen and I have Sponsored it this week so the DCM blog is all Dottie ATM.

My bling is in the form of glitter and black gems. I don't really like this card very much but I guess we can't be happy all the time.

Thanks for looking.xx


Marlou said...

oh wow!!!! this is fabulous Lou :) gorgeous work :) x

Jozza said...

I think it is fabulous Lou. Lovely colours! You NEVER make a duff card hun.

Are we entering you into the prize draw? lol

CraftyC said...

Its a great card Lou, how can you call it naff???

Di Hickman said...

Beautiful card! Thanks for popping by the blog, as for the text on the school card, it was a rub-on! I WISH that were my handwriting! ROFL!

Kathy said...

Fantastic card Lou - and I recognise that paper too!

Chris said...

Oh WOW!! I love it... all that gorgeous bling...none of your cards are ever NAFF!!
It's beautiful :D
Chris xx

Pixeltrash said...

Super cute! I just did my first daring cardmakers challenge! It was so fun! Your card is adorable.

Jo said...

It is a gorgeous card! Your cards are just never ever naff! Thank you for sponsoring our dare this week! :)

jo xx

Susan (Sue H) said...

Louly, how on earth are we supposed to give full concentration to admiring your card with the vision of you in a state of half undress firmly set in out minds Lol!

I can’t think why you’re not happy with your card, it’s so bright and colourful and sparkly too, so it’s perfect.

Loving the Black gems too…..can’t say I’ve seen them before.