Monday, 25 August 2008

Video Tutorial!

Well folks,

I can't quite believe how brave I've been this week. I did a simple Prisma video tutorial a few days ago but I used captions instead of speech. I knew it wasn't ideal and a lot of people asked for a voice next time but I was just so self conscious. Anyway in the end I took the bull by the horns and just took the plunge. I'm much happier with this second tutorial, the camera angle iss better and the spech doesn't sound too bad after all.

It's a tutorial that shows you how to make a card similar to this one that I showed recently.
I'm not showing the video on here because I made it for the Charmed Cards and Crafts online classes. If you'd like to see it this link will take you there. Here's a sneaky peek of the card I made;

Thanks for looking.

Lou xx


Martine said...

brilliant video Louise, you are very brave to make tutorial videos, i am waaaaaay to scared to do anything like that, especially with my northern irish accent, you wouldn't understand a word i said, i barley even understand myself ha ha, i hope to see more brilliant videos from you hun, and you shouldn't worry about your voice hun you have a lovely voice, very clear (unlike mine lol)

Sammee said...

Fantastic videos Lou, when will we see you on tv demoing? Enjoyed the Prisma one, the music reminded me of my childhood and art! Your voice is fine on the 2nd video. Your design for the herringbone wrap is very clever - I am halfway thru making on at the moment, will show you a pic when it is finished.
Sam x

Crafty Wanderings said...

And we are very proud of you for taking the plunge - AND creating such a great tutorial!

Love this card and must try it soon!
Hugs Ruth x

Sammi said...

Thanks for doing that Lou!!! Great tutorial!! I loved it! I loved hearing your voice too! :)
Awesome card!! I MUST try it!! :)

Jozza said...

That card is a jaw dropper! Great tutorial - well to buy me some of those fab papers and snowflowers methinks!


Becky said...

Brilliant tutorial Louise! Love the finished result and the products used are adorable! That's the biggest pair os scissors I've ever seen I must say! I must sound similar to you because Dylan kept pointing at the screen and saying 'mummy' bless him!
Looking forward to the next tutorial!
Love Becky xx

lovemypaper said...

Very nice video love it! One Question I live in the USA pittsburg ca can I do a dottie download.

Thank you

Dawny P said...

Hi Lou. I saw it and I think it is fabulous - very clear and very easy to follow, so thank you and well done xx Hope you do some more soon xxxxx

Ana Baird said...

Great tutorial Louise! Love your card!

Happy Stamper said...

Great tutorial Louise, very professional and your instructions are spot on, you sound just like my sister in law! Love the card, what a great idea.
xxsue (aka Rachelsmum)

Chriss Rollins said...

Way to go Louise... brilliant so easy to follow the card is fantastic too.
the card one I recognise the ribbons they look really lovely.
thanx for sharing.
chriss x

Patsy Jackson said...

Good on you Lou! Shall have to check it out - the card is fantastic!!

Hope you are well and enjoying the rest of your time off :)

Patsy x

Shirley said...

Louise there is apsolutly Nothing wrong with your voice at all. It is lovely... Ok I am also biasd, As I have the same accent as you do. But really your voice is very nice, very soft and very calm. I wouldnt have the gits.

Great video tutorial.

Juliet said...

Fabulous video Lou - you really are a natural!!! I just love this card design and will most definately be having a go.
Juliet xx

Emma said...

Hi Lou. Just stopped by to say hello and to see how you are. The tutorial is when can we expect to see you on Create and Craft!
Catch up with you soon. Hugs Em.x

Sarah C said...

Card is just amazing. It's brill, brill, brill, bril, brill. As for the video ........ well done on taking the plunge! It's fantastic, you're tutorial is amazing and your voice is easy to listen to and understand. I'm going to make one of these cards this month as I have a few family birthdays coming up, so I'll be watching, listening and following you as I do xxxx

Denise said...

Pat yourself on the back! You did extremely well. I would not have had the courage to do this! Oh and a superb card to boot! Love it!