Thursday, 31 July 2008

New Collection!

If you haven't been to Dottie's World recently you won't know the news; WE HAVE A NEW COLLECTION!!! Was that loud enough? LOL

It's called love and marriage and it features Dottie and George, romancing, getting wed, having a baby (well not literally of course, that wouldn't be tasteful!) and much more. Pop over to Dottie's world for more news or go directly to Charmed for a closer look or to download them.

Here's a quick one I made...

Don't they make a lovely couple.


Sammi said...

they make a LOVELY couple Lou!!

Congratulations! they are super! :)

I love them a lot!


Patsy Jackson said...

Awww they are gorgeous Lou! Hope you are enjoying your time off!

Patsy x

Dawn said...

Aww I KNEW they would tie the knot!!! Louly
A baby too!! Yaay

Kate T said...

this is so romantic!