Saturday, 21 June 2008

Juliets Challenge

Our Juliet over at Dottie's World set a challenge to herself to use some of the downloads that she's never used before and invited us to join her.

I've been meaning to use Cowgirl Dottie for ages but never got around to it so this was my chance.
Who would have knees like that?????

Yeeeee Haaaaaa! It's Cowgirl Dottie, Go Get Em Dottie!

Cow Girl Dottie is from the Dress Up Dottie collection and the papers are K&Co Mira - My Faves!
If you've bought any of the Charmed downloads and you have your creations on your blog, please check that I have you on the Dotties World Blogging Customers list and if I've missed you please let me know. If I don't know about you I can't choose you for Customer Thursday or Customer of the Month - for which you'd recieve a free unique Dottie or George.


ENJAY said...

YYYYEEEEE HAAAAAAA!! Hot Diggidy thats good!
yall sure have captured the Rodeo feeling, in fact im singing as I type...My Romeo Romeo cowbody hat from head to toe,if you wanna be mine gotta get in


Juliet said...

Lol at Nicola!!!
Fabulous card Lou - I love those saloon doors and a great way to use Cowgirl Dottie!

Emma said...

LOL at all of you!! Lou she's lovely!

Karen said...

Love those doors Lou, great card.
ROFLMBO @ Nicola - you're crazy girlie!!

Jac said...

lol ladies! amazing card Lou love the doors.

Tassie said...

Fab card Lou!

(I'm still giggling at Nicola's comment hehe)

I don't think I'm on the Dottie customers list by the way.


Anonymous said...

Oh Lou that's brilliant!

Sue said...

What a fabulous fun card, i love it! :-)
Thanks for visiting my blog:-)


Dawn said...

He He !! dottie is a woman of many talents I see! this is great with the saloon doors and the hat peeping over.
Your imagination knows no bounds!!!


Becky said...

I love this card Louly!! It's absolutely fantastic! I think Dottie's knees really suit her Kooky character!
Love Becky xx

Angeldrummer said...

fantastic I love this and the salon doors are such a cool idea x

Mellie said...

Admit it Lou you based her knees on your own lol. Great card.