Saturday, 26 April 2008

I'm blessed.

I'm not a religeous person as such, I do believe there is a God, a higher intelligence somewhere out there, keeping things going ever so efficiently. I also believe that I am lucky enough to have someone watching over me, I don't know what exactly, maybe a guardian angel or maybe a loving relitive long past - who knows! What I do know is I have been blessed with many extradinary friends who are always there for me, supporting me, encouraging me, even, at time protecting me. I'm not sure exactly what I have done to deserve it but I tell you what I don't half bloody appreciate it. If you scroll down my blog you'll see lot's of tokens of friendship I've recieved recently, each one just a special as the next.

Well, shall I get to the point?
I was sitting drinking my morning cuppa today- try to picture it - Dressing gown, bed hair, face all creased from the bed covers- you know the look right? There was a knock at the door, "no worries", I thought, my postie has seen me like this a hundred times (don't raise your eyebrows, I mean that completely innocently! LOL)
Well I flung open the door and there stood Prince Charming holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers! How embarrassed was I! He gave me the flowers and scarpered! I didn't think I was that scary. You won't be surprised to know that actually he was just a very handsome delivery man.
The beautiful flowers turned out to be a surprise gift from one of those super pals I've just been telling you about - Karen. Karen is the proud owner of Charmed Cards and Crafts.
The digital download section on Charmed, where Dottie and George live was all her idea - without her we wouldn't have Dottie and George, so technically I think I should be the one sending her flowers! But you see Karen is very big hearted and is forever thinking of others, she wanted to congratulate me on the 'birth' of Dottie and George.

Well Karen I just want to say a huge THANK YOU, your kindness touched my heart. xx
Aren't they beautiful?


ENJAY said...

Oh Louise, you bought a tear to my eye, you are so appreciated, your talents are endless, as Im on my second glass of wine, I love you.... : )
I do believe you have opened a whole new world of card making to people of all capabilities, you have the midas touch and deserve all the gratitude people give you.
Enjoy your gorgeous flowers!!

Juliet said...

Beautiful flowers and a very lovely gesture from Karen, but then as you say, she is generous.
Good friends truly are very precious.

bubblegum said...

You must have bloomed yourself Louly when you received these beautiful flowers - how sweet of Karen. :) :)

But you do deserve them girl - and karen was showing you how much we all love you awwww. :) :) Keep those Dotties and George's coming - better buy some ore sketch pencils and pads, lol, lol. :) :)

Debbie x

Anonymous said...

Ooohhh, that's just lovely!!!!! Enjoy your flowers.

Vanessa. :)


Jules said...

Such a lovely kind thought, and you fully deserve it sweetheart.

Jules x

Kim said...

Wow some fabulous goings on here, I know I have been out of blog action but wow!!!

Chriss Rollins said...

Hello Louise..those flowers are blooming gorgeous lol..
just want to say sorry i havnt been around for a while as i have been away.
louise all the lovely comments about you are well deserved.. you are also very kind hearted..enjoy your flowers.
A challenge will soon be coming up for Dottie our ATC queen I will keep you up to date with her.
thank you
chriss x

Marlou said...

wow!!! Louly, these are beautiful and how very thoughtful and kind of Karen, you are very blessed Louly and I feel blessed too to know you :) x

Dawn said...

Aww Louly how nice was that - "friends warm the cockles of your heart" LOL LOL

Karen said...

You're very welcome Lou, no-one is more deserving. I'm doubly glad they sent a hunk to deliver ;o)

Thank you for your kind words xxx

Max said...

How wonderful for you Louise ... the flowers are gorgeous but you are so very deserving of them.
'Dottiemania' is rife and I intend to join become a 'Dottiemaniac' too now the internet is fixed.


Joani said...

Beautiful and very much deserved.

Sarah C said...

Oh Lou, how wonderful. Karen sure has a great heart. The flowers are beautiful. As for your bed head for the delivery guy ~ what an image that conjurs up!! ROFL

ENJAY said...


Lydia said... lovely x x