Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Some more enamelling

Yep there's no stopping me now. Thank you for your lovely comments about my broach, it really means a lot to me.

This next one is a hair slide, which I'm going to call my 'Monet hair slide' now, don't be impressed to quickly, it wasn't intended to look like that. It was meant to be a row of neat flowers with a green grass and blue sky background, the trouble is it all merged together but the great thing is when that happens it looks impressionistic and, unless you're too honest like me you can just about get away with it. It reminds me of Monet's Poppy field.
This next one, as yet has no purpose, it was just an experiment. It's about thr size of a 1p so I was thinking about attaching it to a brad and using it on a card. If I'd drilled a hole in it before enamelling, it could have gone on a necklace but it's too late now.

Any more ideas?


Marlou said...

Hi Louly, a very happy new year to you!!! first of all your hair slide is fabulous!!! and the second item, when i first looked at it before i read your post, i thought it was a brooch, so thats another idea for it :)
I use tombow markers for colouring & a water brush pen to soften the colours. A really easy way is to scibble the colour first on some plastic then lift it with the water colourbrush & build the colour up.
hugzz xx

Deb said...

It is gorgeous, I am with Marlou, I think it looks like a brooch. Love your dragonfly brooch too, what a fabulous xmas gift!

Janette said...

I agree it does look like a lovely broach or a gorgous scarf pin?? The hair slide is also really pretty and I do get your monet vibe. such a shame I have short really fine baby type hair that can never hold in a clip of any sort or I'd be begging for one similar.

keep having fun though


Anonymous said...

"Happy New Year" I think your creations are just great..keep having fun:)cant wait to see what else you make........:)

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I would glue a magnet on the back of the 2nd one and put it on my refrigerator so I could look at it all the time! These are very cool! The first does have a Monet quality to it. These are gorgeous!

Sarah C said...

You're getting mighty good with your kiln. I like the idea of making the second one into a magnet too. So many choices, you'll just have to make more :-) xxx

bubblegum said...

Fabulous Lu and I agree with all the suggestions for the second piece. And agree about the monet style too. Well done you talented thing you. :)

Debbie x

ENJAY said...

Lovely, the slide reminds me of fish? I love monet, have a pic in my kitchen.
As for ideas, Your could try weaving silver wire around, encasing it abit enabling you to attach to a necklace, like when they coil wire around a gem stone.It is really unique seems a shame not to show it off!!

crissi said...

Happy new year Louly The enameling looks fantastic. your such a clever bunny.

Emilia said...

this is so Monet...great work!

Happy new year!

Jackie said...

I just love the round piece.

This has been on my 'to do' list since the summer (but I can't afford it at the mo)

tee said...

Lou these are absolutely gorgeous! Someday perhaps I will give this a go, but looks well hard!