Saturday, 7 July 2007

Tagged List

Well, i've just had my first tagging! Thanks Patsy, I really needed something else to do!(not lol) anyway now I have to think of seven things to say about myself (sure to send anyone to sleep) then tag seven other bloggers and get them to do the same. So here are my seven uninteresting facts about me..........

1. My grey hairs are multiplying at an alarming rate, causing me to have to dye it far more regularly (what a pain!)

2. I've spent all week at work cleaning out our classroom after all the flood damage (what a pong!)

3. I stripped all the wallpaper from my bathroom walls today (I think I deserve some relaxation!)

4. I'm a Sagitarius, a fire sign (don't make me angry! lol)

5. Andrew Lincoln was in my class at school (my clame to fame)

6. I've just stopped doing the Atkins diet, after a year of it I was starting to cheat.

7. I've just found out that there is a place in Canada called 'Louise Creek' which also happens to be my maiden name! now i'm just going to have to go there on holiday.

Here's 6 for now, everyones seems to have already been tagged!


mum on the run said...

Hi Louise, I've already been tagged this week LOL, answers are here :

I tagged Anna so think I was indirectly responsible for your tagging, sorry!! :)

Patsy Jackson said...

Lol Cheryl!!! I know I found it hard to find people who hadn't been tagged (or at least not recently!).

Louise - hmmmm love Andrew Lincoln - he's so cool & suave!! Lucky you!

Louly said...

lol so I've got you to thank ay Cheryl?

Patsy, I knew him when he was a scruffy 5 to 10 year old he moved away for the handsome years. He was actually called Andrew Clutterbuck before he changed his name.

Penny said...

Thanks for the tag (as I said, I think!). They're on my blog now....sorry, I yak a lot!!

Natty said...

Oooh Andrew Lincoln - nice!!

Angelnorth said...

Hi Louly - I'm ducking the tag on the grounds that I've done this one and I'm not interesting enough for another seven things!

Here's one just for you though: I went to Uni in Hull. My favourite pubs were the Old White Hart, the Minerva and the Welly (unless we were feeling rich enough for a trip to Beverley and then it was Nelly's).

P.S. Sound decision on the name change for Andrew Lincoln, methinks ;)