Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Tagged Again (lucky me!)

Well the lovely Patsy has tagged me again (thanks chuck). This means I have to find 5 inspirational people to tag that shouldn't be too hard, loads of people inspire me, let's just hope they haven't been tagged yet. Oh and Patsy you would been straight onto my list if you hadn't been the one to tag me.
Here are the details for the ladies i've tagged.

And here are my tagged ladies (in no particular order)....................

Mel (what she can't stich isn't worth stitching)
Kathy (She works wonders with paper flowers)
Emilia (she has such Panache!)
Leo (her cards are so fab and funky)
Jo (she's just so stylish!)

DCM- Sorry

I must be Mad!!! the first beautiful day we've had in weeks and what do I do? yep you got it I spend half the day sat in my craft room making the midweek dare card. Here's the dare.....We want you to say "Sorry"!So, we're looking for things likeBelated Birthday cards, "Sorry to hear you're unwell", Sympathy/Condolence cards, "Sorry you're leaving" or maybe Sorry, but we can't come to your wedding/party/etcWe all need this sort of card every now and then, so here's a chance to be able to Say Sorry in Style
I've made a few of these front door cards now and still really enjoy making them. I got the window out of a book of vellum dolls house windows that I bought years ago, it's getting a bit empty now but I can't find the book for sale anywhere (boo hoo!)

Sunday, 29 July 2007

DCM-All Checked Out

This weeks dare was set by Jane.......Well Hello !! Friday has come round again soooo fast ! Its my turn (Jane) to dare this week. Okay -are you ready ? For my dare you can choose any theme for the card BUT it must incorporate 'Checks', whether it be gingham paper or ribbon or squares, any thing really as long as it incorporates some kind of shape with 4 equal sides....... so go on- I dare you to think outside the square/step out of the box ..............easy as, eh ?!!

What a great excuse to use my new delivery of Basic Grey Infuse papers. I had decided it was time to stop stroking them and use them so I did a bit of paper weaving what better way to use eight different papers!

Wednesday, 25 July 2007

DCM- Little Extra- We've Got Your Number

Here's this weeks Little Extra fom DCM; This week we have a numerical Little Extra challenge for you:
"We've Got Your Number"
Numbers and Fun? Those two words don't often appear in the same sentence, do they?Well, we'd like you to have some fun with numbers and put a numeral on your card - it's as easy as thatSo a great opportunity to make some kid's birthday cards, but there's also Sweet 16, those milestone Birthdays, Special Anniversaries, even New Home cards personalised with the recipient's new house number on - as long as it's got a number on it, it counts (haha - did you spot the extra-subtle pun there?) There are probably loads of other ways to use numbers on your cards so get inventive and enjoy a bit of creative accountancy for our little bit of midweek fun. Don't forget to leave us a message to tell us where we can see your card
So, I've made a very early card for my lovely daughter Holly, she's not 13 until May next year but I fancied doing a card in this style and she's a real little rock chick so here it is. The stripy number one is inspired by her favourite socks, the chain came off some packaging, I just love it. This card was so much fun to make, thanks DCM for another fab challenge.

Saturday, 21 July 2007

DCM- Pockets of fun

OK so here's this weeks DCM dare........
It's my turn - (Lynne) - to set the dare this week.OoooOOoooOOooooOOOoo!!!!!!!!My first Dare. I’m so nervous, I can’t believe that it’s my turn already.I’ve gone for something nice and easy - had to break myself in gently.POCKETS I’d like to see lots and lots of pockets. Pockets full of posies, Brass in Pocket (love the Pretenders).Pockets on clothes, Pockets from clothes, Library Pocket, Pockets of this and Pockets of that. Get the idea? Pockets and Pockets of Pockets.
Well we've had so much rain and flooding here in Hull we're all a little fed up so I thought i'd make a little 'cheer up' card fitting the rain theme, now I just need to decide who to give it to.
The umbrella is the pocket, holding a secret umbrella tag inside. I triple embossed the umbrella, finishing it off with some clear embossing powder to give it a wet look. It's my first attempt at doodling on a card but I really enjoyed it.

Friday, 20 July 2007

Rockin Girl Blogger

Just as I was starting to wonder why everyone was being nominated for Rockin Girl Blogger except little old me I got tagged three times in one day! by Patsy, Cindyg and Sadie B. Thanks ladies I feel all better now (lol). So that means I need to choose 5 of my fave bloggers to tag with the honour. This may take some time, there's so many to choose from.
Right here goes.......

Just copy the Rockin Girl Blogger button, add it to your blog, then nominate 5 others.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

DCM - Haberdashery

This weeks dare was set by the lovely Gillian......

G'day all, Gillian here, and it's my turn to dare you all this week
Your card can be any theme you like, just as long as it's got something you'd find in a Haberdashery Department on it
Alright then, grab that old sewing basket of yours or raid your sewing machine drawer, have a look at what creative bits are hidding away there....maybe it's buttons, a zip, hook & eye's, ribbons, braids, Dressmaking patterns, tape measures,Pins & Needles, lace, safety pins or embroidery thread....
so many wonderful little treasures just waiting to be added to your next card :O)
I'm going to add one more rule....
Yes you may stitch on your card, but that can't be your only haberdashery item....

I needed to make a card for someone who requested a card with an elephant on so as my time is limited i've used the opportunity to do both at once.

My sewing box ingredients are the fancy blue embroidery thread on the elephant and the dangly bits at the bottom (don't know what to call them) which i cut of a skirt ages ago (cos some fell off) they've been lurking in my sewing box ever since so thanks Gillian for giving me a reason to use them.

Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Charmed Challenge-Jacobs Ladder

Well I finally got around to my challenge for Charmed which was to produce a Jacobs Ladder and for extra points; add extra ribbon, a bit of bling and a box I managed to get it all in so full marks for me Yippee!!

If you would like to find out how to make a Jacobs Ladder have a look at my online class

Friday, 13 July 2007

UKS July Challenge

The card making challenge for July was to use some or all of the following; 2 papers, 2 brads, a stamp and some ribbon. I kind of got caried away and went way over with the papers and brads. The first middle layer in the flower is stamped and I managed to get a small bit of ribbon with the wording at the bottom. I'm really pleased with the effect of this card so I'm going to try some variations.

Thursday, 12 July 2007

DCM - Text Message

This weeks dare was .......We'd like you to somehow incorporate text into your cards this week - not just one word.. but a portion of TEXT... like a poem, or newspaper print, Caligraphy, Even rip up an old text book and use some of the paper from it, there are masses of possibilities here, so let your imaginations run riot and let us see you texting to your heart's content!

Well i'm a bit late this week but I thought I'd use the opportunity to make a graduation card for my sister-in-law Anna who graduates on Monday. It took ages and to be honest i don't think I like it but hey-ho that's the way it sometimes goes.

Monday, 9 July 2007

Crafty Templates Design 4 (Shaker Card)

Here's my second attempt with the 'Lollypop Flower' template. I think the gems work quite well as sweets in the jar.

Crafty Templates Design 3

I had great fun making this one. I don't normally use bright colours but this template (Lollypop Flowers) really inspired me to make something bright and fun. I also used my Sizzix Daisy and ladybird dies.

Crafty Templates Design 2

Okay so here's my second attempt with the 'Birdy' from Crafty Templates. It has a feather coming from the top of it's head but you can't see it very well in the photo. (I think I need a new camera)

My first design for Crafty Templates

I was so excited when Leo over at Crafty Templates sent me my templates for my first assignment, that bird is just so cute! I had great fun making this first card. I hope you like it.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Tagged List

Well, i've just had my first tagging! Thanks Patsy, I really needed something else to do!(not lol) anyway now I have to think of seven things to say about myself (sure to send anyone to sleep) then tag seven other bloggers and get them to do the same. So here are my seven uninteresting facts about me..........

1. My grey hairs are multiplying at an alarming rate, causing me to have to dye it far more regularly (what a pain!)

2. I've spent all week at work cleaning out our classroom after all the flood damage (what a pong!)

3. I stripped all the wallpaper from my bathroom walls today (I think I deserve some relaxation!)

4. I'm a Sagitarius, a fire sign (don't make me angry! lol)

5. Andrew Lincoln was in my class at school (my clame to fame)

6. I've just stopped doing the Atkins diet, after a year of it I was starting to cheat.

7. I've just found out that there is a place in Canada called 'Louise Creek' which also happens to be my maiden name! now i'm just going to have to go there on holiday.

Here's 6 for now, everyones seems to have already been tagged!

Sunday, 1 July 2007

DCM - Beady Eyed (again!)

Whilst browsing through all the fab beady cards on the DCM site I found some really inspirational work by Natty Iloved the way she used the pattern on the paper as the base for her bead pattern. I was so inspired I had to have a go myself.
This is my second entry this week the last one was one I had previously made so I thought it was time to get making a fresh one for the dare and here it is, inpired by Natty..................
It's hard to see it clearly in the photo but the middle flower is filled with micro beads. I'm quite pleased with the effect.